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Existing Members:

If you are an existing member of Ness FC Social Club, we invite you to subscribe using the form below. This will enable us to keep an accurate track of member numbers and contact details, and provide the ability to disseminate information regarding membership and upcoming events.


Members that know their membership number can enter it in the appropriate field, but if you have lost or forgotten it, please leave the field blank. If we are unable to trace your number from our records you will be allocated a new one.

If you have a relative or friend that does not have access to e-mail or internet, please feel free to submit their details (with their permission of course).

Thanks for submitting!

New Members:

If you wish to apply for membership of Ness FC Social Club, please print out the attached form, fill in the details and return it to the club (in person or by post). We may look into producing an online application over time.

Membership Form

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